Negroni Nights host, Gian, toasting to a successful event, symbolizing the joy and camaraderie of the Negroni Nights experience

We're on a journey

At Negroni Nights, we’re not just about crafting the perfect Negroni - we're about building a community around the artistry and passion for this iconic cocktail. Our mission is to evangelize and celebrate the Negroni lifestyle and culture, making it more accessible and appealing to a wider audience, while still honouring its rich history and tradition.

At Negroni Nights, we're not just about serving a drink, we're about creating an experience. Our mission begins with honouring the Negroni's rich tradition while stirring up innovation in every glass. We're redefining the cocktail scene, transforming the Negroni from a classic aperitif into a symbol of creativity, discovery, and a modern lifestyle.

Fuelling our vision is a global community of enthusiasts and adventurers, eager to explore the artistry behind every pour. Our aim is to be the meeting point for these diverse voices, providing a platform where knowledge flows as smoothly as our Negronis. We believe in the power of shared experiences, in elevating every sip into a story, every encounter into a memory.

Negroni Nights stands for accessibility and engagement. We welcome all, from the seasoned Negroni sipper to the cocktail novice, offering them a space to engage with the Negroni lifestyle. Our mission is to inspire, to make the complex art of cocktails feel approachable, and to turn the act of drinking Negroni into a lifestyle - one that is diverse, inclusive, and uniquely unforgettable.

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